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Shampoo-drug antidandruff
350 ml 41626


  • effectively eliminates dandruff
  • prevents hair loss
  • moisturizes scalp

Beautiful hair will look perfect, only if the scalp is healthy. Quickly and effectively eliminate dandruff shampoo will help drug-series "Nature". The natural components that are included in the shampoo has long been used in folk medicine. Therapeutic effect of mint provides a whole set of biologically active substances. Lipa and knapweed have anti-inflammatory and mild sedative effect. Aloe Saponaria extract and known for their beneficial effect in dandruff and prevent hair loss, reduce their fragility. Contained vitamin C in lemon moisturizes sensitive scalp, protects hair from harmful environmental influences. Iris and tansy fill the hair healthy and give a unique luster.

Shampoo-drug for all hair types
350 ml 41619

for all hair types

  • strengthens hair
  • stimulates growth
  • adds softness and silkiness

Universal Shampoo-drug specifically designed for all hair types. Unique combination of natural extracts of medicinal plants has created a shampoo while effectively purifying, protecting and strengthening your hair. Valerian extract normalizes the state of the hair follicle and scalp. Ginkgo biloba has antioxidant action, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, removes toxins. Kiwi and yarrow have a bracing and antiallergenic action. Thyme and strawberry tone and clean. Saponaria prevents dandruff and hair loss. St. John's Wort promotes hair, and rosemary stimulates their growth.

Shampoo-drug for dry and damaged hair
350 ml 41602

for dry and damaged hair

  • gives a healthy shine and silkiness
  • reduces the brittleness of hair
  • nourishes scalp

For dry and damaged hair needs special care. Berezhny Care Shampoo provides a drug-series «Nature». Incoming of the drug extract soap gently cleanses the hair root, thereby decreasing the presence of synthetic components. Extracts from green herbs chamomile, mallow, tea and ginger have anti-allergenic and sunscreen effect, relieve irritation. Honey from the meadow grass softens and nourishes the scalp. Wheat, almond and olive have a regenerating effect, facilitate removal of dead cells of the epidermis. Hair after applying acquire a natural shine and natural volume.

Shampoo-drug for greasy hair
350 ml 41596

for greasy hair

  • thoroughly cleans
  • strengthens hair roots
  • preserves the purity of long hair

Shampoo-drug-based concoctions of herbs series of «Nature» effectively and gently helps to solve the problem of greasy hair. The presence of soap root extract promotes thorough cleansing of hair, makes it possible to significantly reduce the presence of synthetic components in the shampoo. Herbs, growing in meadows, forest glades, rivers and lakes, generously pass on all of its useful properties of hair. Decoctions burdock, St. John's wort, nettle, yarrow, mother-and-stepmother strengthens hair roots and stimulates the growth of rosemary and perfectly tones scalp. Althaea softens the hair, making them silky, calendula, wild rose and the root of calamus nourish and protect hair from environmental influences. Hair looks healthy after application, acquire a natural shine and beauty.