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Balm for pain in joints
75 ml 41138

Balm for pain in joints

  • reduces puffiness
  • reduces inflammation
  • Relieves pain

Painful joints, limiting the mobility of people, cause dissatisfaction. Balm for inflamed joints created by the recipes of the monks, healers and will effectively reduce the pain of affected joints, as well as to reduce the swelling and inflammation. In the balm contains only natural plant extracts. They have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Cream against rheumatism in birch buds
75 ml 41220

Cream against rheumatism
in birch buds

  • improves circulation
  • relieves pain and swelling
  • activates the immune processes

Cream of birch buds in regular use reduces symptoms and improves the well-being, and hence the quality of life of people suffering from rheumatism. Form part of the plant extracts to relieve pain and swelling, regulate blood circulation, activates the immune processes in the body.

Foot Balm with varicose veins
75 ml 41121

Foot Balm
with varicose veins

  • strengthens walls of blood vessels and increases the elasticity of
  • improves circulation
  • gives skin elasticity

Balm for the feet will help to relieve discomfort, heaviness in the legs and edema. The active substances of plant components reinforce the walls of blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation and improve metabolism in tissues. Balsam has emollient, healing and analgesic properties that help to make skin soft and smooth.

Cream balm wound healing
75 ml 41251

Cream balm
wound healing

  • promotes rapid healing of wounds
  • regenerates skin cells
  • disinfects
  • relieves pain

Quickly and easily remove small, but annoying skin damage such as scratches, scrapes and cuts will help a specially crafted cream-balm. Active multi-purpose components that make up the cream helps to reduce pain, accelerate the cleansing and retraction of the damaged surface to enhance the regeneration process and prevent scarring.

Balsam against the vascular pattern on the legs
150 ml 41268

against the vascular pattern on the legs

  • reduces vascular net
  • increases the elasticity of vessel walls
  • reduces swelling
  • improves the tone

The cream is designed for people whose skin appears venous grid, and in the evenings swollen legs. Balsam improves skin tone and elasticity and blood vessels, resulting in reduced venous pattern, and the skin becomes smooth texture and color. Essential oils moisturize and nourish the skin, antioxidants increases the tone of veins. Plant extracts have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect.

Cream with sulsen against seborrhoea and alopecia
75 ml 41176

Cream with sulsen
against seborrhoea and alopecia

  • strengthens the hair structure
  • reduces fat separation, dandruff
  • relieves itching

Oily seborrhoea and dandruff - a problem many, it causes a variety of factors. As a result, the quality of hair is becoming worse, they observed a dramatic thinning, but with their heads constantly sypyatsya white flakes. Cream with sulsen is an effective means of removing these symptoms. Effects Soultz is the destruction of fungus and the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Successfully picked up a set of auxiliary plant soothes irritated scalp and improves hair structure and also regulates fat separation.

Balm for colds prevention
75 ml 41190

for colds prevention

  • bactericidal and warming effect
  • removes puffiness
  • softens breathing

Protect yourself from bad weather and sneezes of people possible. This means that at any moment can become a hostage to cold. Survive this period will help balm to prevent colds. Aroma composition, effective through strong germicidal and expectorant components, eliminates nasal congestion, soothes breathing. A unique set of natural essential oils of cedar, eucalyptus, thyme, anise, lavender and fir real assistance at the first sign of colds.

It is not drugs.