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Gel Mask for dry and damaged hair
500 ml 41718

Gel Mask
for dry and damaged hair

  • moisture saturates
  • intensive fuels
  • strengthens and stimulates hair growth
  • improves blood supply to the scalp

Gel mask is designed for quick and efficient recovery of thin, fragile and depleted hair. Arrangement of herbal ingredients and antioxidant vitamins (A-C-E) effectively nourishes and revitalizes hair. Lovage and peppermint are used in folk medicine, improve blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth; aloe moisturizes and strengthens them. Extracts of calendula and wheat germ are natural UV filters protect hair from harmful sunlight.

Cream Mask for stimulation of hair growth
500 ml 41732

Cream Mask
for stimulation of hair growth

  • prevents hair loss
  • provides a well-groomed appearance
  • stimulates the growth and renewal

Thermosetting balsam mask is designed to address the problem of hair loss by intensive exposure to hair follicles. Active complex from extracts of brewer's yeast, red pepper and wheat germ oil, enriched with vitamins A, E, F, when applied on the scalp increases blood circulation and metabolic processes. As a result, hair follicles are enriched with oxygen and nutrients, which promotes the growth and strengthen hair. Vitamin E protects the hair from harmful UV rays and dryness.

Mask for colour and damaged hair
500 ml 41749

for colour and damaged hair

  • enhances hair shine
  • restores the structure
  • gives firmness and elasticity
  • retains the brightness and color stability

Adding some dyed and damaged hair vitality and a healthy shine to help intensive regenerating mask. Silicone oil, which is part of the mask, creates a thin protective film around each hair and prevents the leaching of coloring components. D-panthenol intensively restores and strengthens the hair structure. Biotin and Calendula Extract moisturize, soften and soothe the scalp.

Balm-conditioner antidandruff for greasy hair
500 ml 41725

antidandruff for greasy hair

  • eliminates the itching and flaking
  • cleanses the scalp of dandruff
  • normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands

Balm-dandruff conditioner for oily hair contains a special complex of natural active kompenetov providing rapid removal of flaking and itching and mitigation of the scalp. Myrtle and the tea tree which has a gentle anti-inflammatory effect, while reducing the very cause of dandruff. Celandine extracts and peppermint soothe and refresh the scalp, stimulate blood circulation in it. Due to regular use of balsam-conditioner hair becomes soft, fluffy and shiny.

Balm-rinser for all hair types
500 ml 41688

for all hair types

  • nourishes and moisturizes
  • adds softness and silkiness
  • provides ease of combing
  • makes well-groomed and healthy hair

Royal jelly, which is part of the balsam-rinse contains a unique set of necessary hair substances: vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, providing nutrition and moisturizing the hair. Extracts of hop cones and nettles, traditionally used for hair care, strengthen the hair and beneficial impact on volosyannye bulbs. Active natural ingredients provide ease of combing and remove static electricity. Balm-rinse prevents posechennyh all, protects hair during drying, giving them grandeur, brilliance, makes it more obedient.

Balm-conditioner for greasy hair
500 ml 41701

for greasy hair

  • normalizes the sebaceous glands
  • provides shine and silkiness
  • splendour and makes hair grooming

Balm-conditioner for oily hair provides very gentle care without burdening them. Composition of medicinal extracts and specially selected active ingredients regulates the sebum, which guarantees the purity of hair for a long time: they become easier, becoming splendor, elasticity and shine. Extracts of the fruits of cocoa and burdock root normalize lipid metabolism, refresh the scalp. Sage and lavender, with its mild anti-inflammatory effect, prevents dandruff.

Balm-mask antidandruff for dry hair
500 ml 41695

antidandruff for dry hair

  • normalizes the water-lipid metabolism
  • has a mild antiseptic action
  • eliminates the itching and flaking
  • providing nutrition and hydration hair

Dry hair is very sensitive to the detergent components of even the most benign shampoos. Prevent possible overdrying hair and flaking of the scalp will balsam mask dandruff for dry hair. It contains extracts of chamomile and ginseng, which have mild antiseptic and exfoliating action eliminates itching. Biotin, a complex of vitamins A, C, E, together with extracts of arnica and Acorus Calamus provide the necessary hydration and nutrition hair, give vitality, firmness and elasticity.

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