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Massage Cream modeling
100 ml 42326

Massage Cream modeling

  • effectively burns fat
  • smoothes skin, eliminates the "orange peel"
  • stimulates lymphatic drainage
  • improves the overall physical and emotional condition

Cream helps restore your skin's smoothness and elasticity, will give a tone, promotes cleavage of fatty deposits, stimulates circulation and metabolism in the skin. With regular use, skin is substantially aligned, decreasing the effect of "orange peel", prevents its further development.

Massage Cream warming
100 ml 42333

Massage Cream warming

  • increases blood circulation
  • warming up the muscles, preparing to physical stress
  • relieves tension in muscles after stress
  • a positive effect on skin condition

The cream is well applied, provides easy glide, causes a rush of blood to the skin and muscles, relaxes, helps relieve tension in the muscles. Recommended for general massage, athletes before and after workouts, as well as to prevent radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

Massage Cream relaxing
100 ml 42319

Massage Cream relaxing

  • relieves fatigue and stress
  • stimulates circulation
  • creates a sense of comfort and peace
  • beneficial effects on skin condition

The cream contains essential and fatty oils, provides a good slip, moisturizes, restores softness and elasticity of the epidermis, promotes muscle relaxation, while having a positive impact on the nervous system, calms and tunes to relax and rest.

Massage Cream tonic
100 ml 42302

Massage Cream tonic

  • makes the skin and muscle tone and elasticity
  • cools, removes pain in sprains and bruises
  • improves the overall physical and emotional condition
  • beneficially effects on skin condition

The cream provides excellent glide and helps to eliminate puffiness, fatigue and stress, contributes to the splitting of subcutaneous fat, resulting in muscle tone and skin, restoring its firmness and elasticity. It has analgesic properties in tension and bruises, soothes and refreshes the skin.